Galperti Tech is a new and important industrial initiative belonging to the Galperti group. The production of large diameter bearing has allowed further diversification of the already large range of products. Considerable investments have allowed the creation of modern premises of over 10.000 mē, equipped with the most modern means of production.

The considerable knowledge of the metallurgical, production, planning and application aspects of the large diameter bearings, which the company has been able to develop, places Galperti Tech among the emerging figures in the sector. The range of products includes bearings with simple and double row of ball bearings, cross-roller bearings, with three row roller bearings.

All bearings can have inner or outer gear or no gear, with outer diameters up to 6200 mm, used successfully throughout the world in various applications. Special products can be designed and manufactured on demand, using the in house metallurgical and engineering skills, e.g. large diameter bearings wheels, shafts and housing for bogies assemblies and large module linear racks for heavy duty actuators.