Galperti Forged Products (GFP) is the new division of Officine Nicola Galperti e Figlio born to address the strong demand of special forged products required at international level from the oil and gas, petrochemical and extraction industries.

Looking at Offshore Applications: GFP, integrating all of Galperti Group competences and capabilities, manufactures and assembles structures.

As far as onshore based applications are concerned further to the manufacturing of thick walled forged pipes, GFP manufactures Monoblock Isolation Joints: G-joint. Monoblock Isolation Joints are used to electrically isolate pipeline and prevent corrosion via cathodic protection. Every G-joint is a unique products, specifically designed, manufactured and tested in Galperti facilities in accordance to Customer’s specific request and international standards.

GFP furthermore benefits of recent investments that have significantly increased its capacity in terms of laminated products. In fact GFP can manufacture rolled rings up to 6.3m diameter, 1.7m height and 20mTons weight.

Galperti Forged Products (PDF)