Galperti Group was established in 1921. Since the beginning Galperti Group has continuously invested in order to improve the level of service and quality and is being nowadays recognized as one of the most reliable partner in the supplies of oil and gas components.

Investments in men, technology and knowledge have made the company grow to reach outstanding performance and productivity. His focus on Customer’s needs has driven investments in the last 90 years and today Galperti Do Brazil Ltda is a further step in this direction. The acquisition of 50.000 sqm in July of 2014 concludes the first step of investment for the establishment of this new plant that is Galperti Group first Forging plant in South America.

This facility will be able to Forge, Clad and Machine up to 96” in order to meet those fast truck requirements in the South American market. Responsiveness and rapidity will be offered for the highest demanding Customers and applications in Brazil: Galperti Group will now be the answer to any needs, from the small volume fast delivery up to the large complicated project requiring thousands of products. All raw materials will be of Western European origin and are the same as listed on the Approved.